Film Transfer

Regular 8, Super 8 and 16mm were three popular film formats used by film enthusiasts and families to record their home movies from the 1930’s to the late 1970’s.

Film can be transferred to DVD or made into a digital file that can be saved and viewed on a computer.

Sound from Super 8 and 16mm film is also included with transfer at no additional cost.

Straight forward pricing

No additional cost for splicing or transfer of sound.

Not sure How Much Film You Have?

There are 4 common reel sizes:

Method of Transfer

The method we use to transfer film called Direct Aerial Transfer.  Telecine projectors are specifically designed to synchronize film to video producing a flicker free image.  Multiplexers allow us to focus directly on the film as it passes through the film gate providing sharp images. High quality studio cameras capture the film image resulting in the least amount of color or sharpness loss. All film is carefully monitored by our technicians as it is transferred assuring film will maintain best focus and brightness. Film does not need to be respliced onto large reels. All film is returned on original reels.

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