May I send my order directly to After Image?

After Image Video Productions, Inc. serves hundreds of retail partners nationwide. If you are local to the Cincinnati, Ohio area, feel free to stop in. Otherwise, we ask that you work through a retailer in your area. This practice helps us to assure that all orders are packed and tracked properly. Contact us to locate a store near you.

How can I tell what kind of film I have?

The most common types of film are 8mm, Super 8mm, & 16mm. The best way to distinguish the different types of film is by looking at the sprocket holes.

  • 16mm film is 5/8″ wide with sprocket holes on both sides.
  • Regular 8 film is 5/16″ and has larger sprocket holes on one side of the film placed directly on the line dividing each frame 
  • Super 8mm film is 5/16″ and has smaller sprocket holes on one side of the film placed in between the lines dividing each frame.

How do I calculate how much film I have?

To tell how much film you have, first measure the reels diameter. There are 4 common sizes as seen in this chart.  Note that you are only charged for the amount of film on the reel, not the size of the reel.  Some larger reels have a ruler on one of the spokes that show how much film is on the reel.

8mm, Super 8mm, & 16mm Reels

How much film will fit on a DVD?

Approximately 1,800 feet of Regular 8 film, 2,000 feet of Super 8mm film, or 4,000 feet of 16mm film will fit on a 2 hour DVD.

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