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VHS Tape Repair and Other Services

VHS Tape Repair

VHS Tape Repair
VHS tape repair services are getting harder and harder to find. As most of the market has already moved on to DVD or Blueray, the VHS market is diminished. Here at After Image Video Productions though, we understand that you may have a large catalog of home videos on VHS or other VHS tapes that you wish to keep in working order. We offer a specialized VHS tape repair service to ensure that the market still has someone out there who can look out for your personal collection of cherished memories stored on VHS. If you not seeking a VHS to DVD transfer, but would rather VHS repair, we can help you too.

VHS Repair Prices

$25.00 for repair only or $14.95 with purchase of DVD transfer ($23.95)

When we work on your VHS repair, we work to protect the original footage while we work towards restoring the VHS back to working order. With years in the business, and our committment to offering this specialized VHS tape repair service, we seek to provide the highest levels of satisfaction to each and every customer.

Contact us today if you are in need of professional and caring VHS repair services.

Video to Digital Services


We also offer a video to digital service where we can convert many different file types from different media formats into digital files for your convenience. If you are looking for video to digital options so that you can easily upload or share your photos or videos to those on the internet or loved ones, this service is right for you.

Video to Digital Prices

$49.95 per hour

vhs repair

Be sure to check out our other picture and video services so that we can address your every need. With over 20 years in the business, After Image Video has become one of the largest and most respected companies in the country. Let us work to maintain your files and bring them back to life in new formats for you.