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May I send my order directly to After Image?
After Image Video Productions, Inc. serves hundreds of dealers nationwide. Contact us to locate a dealer near you.

How can I tell what kind of film I have?
The most common types of film are 8mm, Super 8mm, & 16mm. The best way to distinguish the different types of film is by looking at the sprocket holes.

  • 16mm film is 5/8" wide with sprocket holes on both sides.
  • Regular 8 film is 5/16" and has larger sprocket holes on one side of the film placed directly on the line dividing each frame
  • Super 8mm film is 5/16" and has smaller sprocket holes on one side of the film placed in between the lines dividing each frame.
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How can I calculate how much film I have?
To tell how much film you have, first measure the reel's diameter. There are 4 common sizes:

8mm, Super 8mm, & 16mm Reels
Diameter 3" 5" 6" 7"
Footage 50' 200' 300' 400'

How much film will fit on a DVD?
Approximately 1,800 feet of Regular 8 film, 2,000 feet of Super 8mm film, or 4,000 feet of 16mm film will fit on a 2 hour DVD.