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From our customers:
Thank you for transferring 1,900 ft. of Super 8 movie film to video in a very professional way. Image was sharp & colors great.
Sarah Chapman

8mm to DVD Pricing and Other Film to DVD Pricing

8mm to dvd When we transfer film to DVD there is a 50 ft. minimum transfer to DVD. Free music is included if there is no sound on film. No additional cost for splicing or transfer of sound.

Not sure how much 8mm to DVD or other film to DVD you have?
To tell how much film you have, first measure the reel's diameter. There are 4 common sizes:

8mm, Super 8mm, & 16mm Reels
Diameter 3" 5" 6" 7"
Footage 50' 200' 300' 400'

Transfer Film to DVD: 2 Hour DVD

Approximately 1,800 feet of Regular 8mm to DVD, 2,000 feet of Super 8mm film, or 4,000 feet of 16mm film to dvd.

transfer film to dvd

8mm to DVD? Not Sure What Kind of Film to DVD You Have?

The most common types of film to dvd sizes are 8mm, Super 8mm, & 16mm. The best way to distinguish the different types of film is by looking at the sprocket holes.
  • 16mm film is 5/8" wide with sprocket holes on both sides.
  • 8mm to DVD film is 5/16" and has larger sprocket holes on one side of the film placed directly on the line dividing each frame
  • Super 8mm film is 5/16" and has smaller sprocket holes on one side of the film placed in between the lines dividing each frame.

Method of transfer
The method to transfer film to DVD used at After Image Video Productions, Inc. is called Direct Aerial Transfer. We use Telecine projectors that are designed specifically to synchronize film to DVD video producing a flicker free image. Multiplexers allow us to focus directly on the film as it passes through the film gate providing the sharpest image possible. High quality studio cameras capture the film image resulting in the least amount of color or sharpness loss. All film is carefully monitored by our technicians as it is transferred assuring film will maintain best focus and brightness.